TFD China Industrial Outdoor Led Flood Lights Instructions

Jul 2021

TFD China Industrial Outdoor Led Flood Lights Instructions

Instructions for use

1. This china led outside flood lights product uses working voltage: AC100-305V 50/60 Hz, please do not exceed the working voltage range;

2. Since the lamp has a PC lens accessory, please take care when handling and storing it, and do not press it

Installation on instructions

1. The mounting rod or mounting surface can be directly screwed through the mounting hole on the product mounting bracket;

2. After fixing the china industrial outdoor led flood lights product, you can loosen the screws on both sides of the bracket and then change the angle of the bracket, which is equivalent to adjusting the installation angle of the fixture;

3. Working environment temperature -30 °C-+55 °C storage;

4. When installing the luminaire, the wiring and wiring are closed to prevent leakage;

5. When the external power cord is connected, the corresponding waterproof and water leakage measures must be


6. An -glare design, uniform china industrial led flood lights  distributed on;

7. Independent power supply box design is beneficial to heat dissipation on of the lamp body, reducing light decay and

 prolonging the service life of the light source;

8. Support light sensor installation, which can realize intelligent control of lamps and improve energy saving benefits.


Maintenance and repair instructions

1. Make sure that the power has been turned off before maintenance.

2. Regularly clean the PC lens of the floodlight to maintain the high transference of the lamp;

3. Regularly clean the dust of the floodlight casing and radiator to maintain good heat dissipation performance;

4.Be careful not to clean water or corrosive things with a dry rag



The whole lamp is guaranteed for 5 years. Under normal conditions of use, quality assurance is based on the proper storage,

installation, use and maintenance of the product;Due to improper installation and use, product damage caused by viola on of

product operating procedures is not covered by warranty;For quality problems during the quality warranty period, the company

will choose to repair, exchange (parts) or replace new products during the warranty period.The method is solved; if the quality

warranty period is exceeded, the materials and labor costs will be properly collected.

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